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Although weather can never be guaranteed India and Nepal's climatic cycles are similar and reliably predictable. In essence there are just three seasons; hot, wet and cool, each one bearing it's associated advantages and disadvantages for the nature enthusiast.

Sri Lanka does have a more complicated cycle, though there are still distinctly dry and wet seasons. There are two monsoons approaching the country from opposite directions at different times of the year, however the net affect is that it always a good time to visit at least half of the country. Although Sri Lanka is hit by two monsoons their combined affect is less severe than in India and Nepal. Almost all of the National Parks are open year-round, and those that close only do so for a short time.

View from Ranthambhore FortIndia and Nepal: for the areas visited by Tiger Trails the clean-up and repair operation after monsoon can continue into October, hence the closed periods of the majority of the parks. In the first months after monsoon vegetation flourishes, providing a bounty for much of the wildlife. This is undoubtedly one of the most scenic times of the year to visit, particularly in Rajasthan with its many lakeside palaces. During this time morning and evening temperatures can be surprisingly cool (close to freezing in some areas!), though day time temperatures will reach into the mid-twenties (centigrade).

The heat builds up from April, temperatures can reach above fourty in the North and Central plains of India, and conditions are dry with dust hazes. The Himalayan and Southern regions enjoy a more moderate climate. Temperatures continue to climb into the monsoon season, as the humidity increases there are electrical storms and rain comes in steadily from June, peaking in August. Initially the rain brings little cooling, and though it won't rain all day it does rain every day, then the sun breaks through. When the monsoon ends in October the air is clear and temperatures comfortable, it can even become rather cool at night.

Sri Lanka: being a more typically tropical region temperatures are not subject to the same variation. Average daytime temperatures are in the mid-twenties (centigrade) and rarely get above thirty five, however the humidity can at times make it seem hotter. To cool down one simply heads for the hills or the coast. Rain is brought to the South and West coast regions and the central highlands between May and August by the south-west monsoon. The dry season here is from December to March. The North and East of the island are affected by the north-east monsoon from October to January, the dry season is from May to September. However even in the 'dry' season some rain can be expected.

Wildlife: the best time of year to see predators in the parks remains very much open to debate. The increased concentration of prey around reducing water sources in hotter months is held by some to offer good possibilities, leopard (and sloth bear) sightings are more frequent at this time. However during the cooler months tigers in particular will certainly be active for longer periods, often using the park tracks to survey their territory. There will always be a large element of luck involved, but your length of stay and number of safaris taken at a park is a more important factor. The wind chill factor on morning safaris especially is not to be underestimated. As the sun comes up you will find yourselves shedding layers rapidly, through the day a hat, good sunglasses, sunblock and a regular intake of fluids are essential.

Migratory birds arrive at their wintering grounds in India and Nepal from October and stay through till February. In Sri Lanka the migratory season is extended from August to April, however the bulk of visitors can be seen between November and March.

India, Nepal and Sri Lanka host to many colourful and unique fairs and festivals which celebrate harvests, historical events and figures as well as devotion to religious deities, we can advise you of any which coincide with your proposed visit.







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