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LIBRARY: - (In the year 1999) - This is the starting of Tiger Trails program in Ranthambhore National Park area and also the first project undertaken directly by any non-Indian N.G.O. The Director Mr. Allan & Kirsty Blanchard donated two Libraries - one in Mahila Gramin vidya pith, Mainpura (dist Sawai Madhopur). And second in Royal Alfa School, Sawai Madhopur.

A- Mahila Gramin vidya pith, Mainpura (dist Sawai Madhopur). - Six wooden book shelf and books to the value of £200; this school is for only girls mostly tribal Meena caste. Meena are farming persons and in this caste there are many problems like superstition, child marriage, uneducated men, and women who do not have any power in social life. There at that time were 400 girls studying in that 300 as boarders. Now 800 girls and it is classed as a college.

B- Royal Alfa School, Sawai Madhopur (old city). - Two wooden book self and books to the value of £100 - this co-education school with 250 students.

SCHOOL COUMPUTER SET UP- (July 2000) - This is first big program with help of Tiger Trails Foundation - a former client and guest of Tiger Trails Mr. Allen Copsey donated seven computers with printer in Mahila Gramin vidya pith, Mainpura (dist Sawai Madhopur). This is first new computer set up in this area. This is the only school for tribal girls of dominant Meena cast in this district. They totally depend on farming and wood cutting/grazing in Ranthambhore National Park.
For this project Tiger Trails provide full transport, guidance, stay during installation, and upkeep for the project for three years.

LAKE DIGGING (WATER HARVESTING - project begun 2001):- water shortage is major problem for people & cattle, and in night wild animals also come out from Park in search of water

A- Village -Ranwal, near Ranthambhore National Park: - This village is 1.5 K.M. from park. There are three lakes but for a long time they had been silted up and capacity much reduced. Following model of NGO-'Taran Bharat Singh' (TBS) used around Sariska, T.T.F. decided to dig out the mud and rebuild the dam walls so one program officer Mr. Rajnarayan from TBS came with Director Mr. Allan Blanchard and had many meetings in Parli and Ranwal Village. People from Ranwal agreed to help in T.T.F. projects. T.T.F. contribution was 75% and from villagers 25% money or labor was required in order for village to 'own' the project. T.T.F. decided to dig two lakes in Ranwal, to begin villagers used tractors to remove mud but later they do by camel cart and by hand. In that project T.TF spend total 110000 Rupees (£1400).

B- Village Gambhira- in the area of Black Buck Antelope. This village is 08 K.M. from Sawai Madhopur town. The population of the village is 2000. When the sarpanch (elected head of village) heard about work done in Ranwal by T.T.F. he came to us and invited help & work with T.T.F. After permission was given by T.T.F director Mr. Allan Blanchard, we had three more meetings and started to dig out the lake with all villagers doing work in this project. After 10 days it was dug out to be good deep lake. In this project TTF spend 2000.00 rupees with villagers giving money and labor.


PLANTATION (begun 2003, ongoing): - For Awareness of plantation & encourage saving forest.

If village people are told not to cut the trees in the buffer zone to sell or use as fuel and allow new plantation they do not welcome this from people who earn higher money from park as guards or guides. So T.T.F. started new plan to donate young trees to village children and give prize in stages for three years for live plantations. After one month of plantation T.T.F. made gift of 50.00 Rupee to each child who had protected his/ her trees and after 5 months gifts of 60.00 Rupee and after 9 months gift of 50-60 Rupee and after one year new school uniform. All prizes will be given if tree is kept alive, this is tough job using just basic materials like thorny branches to stop cattle but children show great pride in challenge.

A- Village Ranwal, near Ranthambhore National Park - Government middle school, Village -Ranwal (8th July 2003); 70 students planted 250 plants - 70 plants in school and rest of in their farms. After three years now about 120 plants are alive.

B- Village Uliyana, near Ranthambhore National Park - Government middle school, Village Uliyana - 10th July 2003 - in these school 30 students planted 120 plants. And after three year now in 2006 about 40 plants are alive.

C- Village Dhamund Government middle school, Dhamund - Near Black Buck Antelope side. - (July 2005) T.T.F. gave 350 plants - 60 students and 45 villagers planted all plants. This year we are going to give the prize for live plants on 20th Sept. 2006

D- Balas (Sawai man Singh sanctuary part of Ranthambhore National Park) (Sept. 2006) - T.T.F. are going to plant next in this school (Government Primary school, Nimli)


T.T.F. MOBILE COMPUTER EDUCATION CENTRE (April 2006): - this is a big and long term program started by TTF. With a portable computer network made up of 4 wireless laptops, printer, power generator, with 4 computer tables and 10 chairs. TTF interviewed and hired a specialist local teacher for teaching and for monitoring this project. Including first year of teacher salary cost has been around £3000.

In starting computer set up in Village Ranwal on 23rd April 2006. District collector is a chief Guest, and all TTF team with guidance of Director Mr. Allan Blanchard. & Mr. Philip Davis (of Tiger Awareness) with many village persons. The computers remained set up for 04 months in Ranwal and then in September it was moved to Vinayak deaf & dumb school, Gulab Bagh, Cement Factory Road, Sawai Madhopur.

(1) Children qualification in Ranwal village school- 6th to10th Std. & now in new school - vinayak Deaf & Dumb School 4th to 8th Std.
(2) We have our own TTF Teacher for monitoring. Children will learn Microsoft word, excel - applications, bio-data, design, documentation etc.
(3) 23rd April to 31st August, 2006 in Ranwal village - 35 children. And Vinayak Deaf & Dumb School 25 children.
(4) Approximately 75% boys and 25% girls attend.



Mattresses & Play Articles: - in India in Government Schools do not even have proper sitting arrangements and do not have adequate simple play things.

A - Sanik Primary school. Pachipura, (March 2001) - in that school T.T. guests donate two floor Mattress for children in classroom.

B - Adarsh Middle School, ram Singh pura, Ranthambhore Road Sawai Madhopur. - In that school Tiger Trails employee Mr. James Manson donated three mattresses and one football. This school is closed from park but traditionally depends on park for fuel and fodder.

C - Government middle school, Dhamund - (June 2002, Nov.2003 & Jan.2005) - this school is in the area of Black Buck Antelope. In this school Tiger Trails Foundation provided total 07 mattresses and one football, Game board, and some balls for games.

D - Government middle school, Village -Ranwal, near Ranthambhore National Park- in this school Tiger Trails Foundation Director Mr. Allan Blanchard donated - football, swing ropes, Rings, and Big Tin Box for keeping playing Articles. Also Harmonium (musical instrument)

E - Government middle school, Village -Uliyana, Near Ranthambhore National Park - in that school TTF provide - football, Game board, swing ropes, rings, and playing Articles.

School Gate: - Village Ranwal, near Ranthambhore National Park - (July 2004) Government middle school, Ranwal. There is boundary wall round school but no gate for it. So cattle and unwanted persons entered in school campus, trees could not be protected from cattle, so Tiger Trails Foundation decided to give Iron Gate for main boundary. For that 3000 rupee was donated by T.T.F. and 1800 rupee provided by school funds.

Loud Speaker set :- Village Uliyana, near Ranthambhore National Park - Government middle school, Uliyana- in that school they do not have any mike (loud speaker) for cultural program. So at the time of T.T.F. plantation prize distribution village people & Head master requested for loud speaker set, on 15 Aug 2005 T.T.F. team went there and gifted this set.

Clothing for Forest guards: - whenever Director Mr. Allan Blanchard or any staff of Tiger Trails Foundation visits India or Ranthambhore. They bring woolen hats, T-shirts, cotton shirts, trousers, for forest guards and drivers who work to help to save the tiger and its forest home.

Mosquito Nets: - (August 2006) This was a special request of ranger of main forest of Ranthambhore National Park. For that TTF bought 90 Mosquito Net with collaboration of Tiger Awareness. Because in the rainy season forest Guards stay in tents in the forest there is real problem from Mosquito bites, so forest Ranger Mr. Jodh Raj Singh applied for Mosquito Net. After permission of TTF Director Mr. Allan Blanchard for providing nets the local team of TTF went in park with Deputy Director of Ranthambhore National Park Mr. R. S. Rajwat and Assistant Field Director Mr. Sudarsn Sharma with park staff to distribute nets.







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