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Tiger B2

...'But the incident we witnessed on our second day was a once in a lifetime chance. We heard that there had been a fight between a tiger and a leopard and that the leopard had taken refuge up a tree. We found the tiger first (B2) who was the male who fought and fatally wounded Charger last June (Charger died in September from his injuries). He had to be the biggest tiger either of us have ever seen. Estimated at 200kg! We left him and went after the leopard who we found at the top of a tree with his left foreleg badly torn. He looked a sorry sight. However Vivek was sure that he would survive of he could make a kill that night. Whether he did or not we don't know. However we watched him for about 30 mins (running off about 3 reels of film) before he came down the tree and ran off. We were able to see the scratch marks on the tree made by both the leopard and B2. They were really deep and it was interesting to see the difference in the two cats. We didn't see the leopard again but we did catch up with B2 at a waterhole. Needless to say there wasn't a mark on him'....


Injured Leopard



...'The following day we saw B1 and B2 on the same drive. Vivek was again excited by this as seeing two males within such a short space of time is again a rare event. It was the day after that we saw the cubs - one male, one female. They had been left by their mother in long grass while she presumably went off hunting but the elephants tracked them down and we were taken in to see them. They were beautiful even although they were spitting and snarling. Again this was a first for us as we had not seen cubs before. At 5 months they are pretty big, about the size of a Labrador. Our stay at Bandhavgarh was completed by a sighting of 3 sloth bear - a mother and two cubs. They weren't too keen on having their photos taken and we had to chase them at speed through the forest. The photos will probably be black blurs but we have the memory!'

female cub







 Sasan Gir



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