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A real gem of a park where wildlife enthusiasts and photographers alike can enjoy the incredible scenery, expanding tiger population, and ancient forts and temples. The heavily fortified fort which you can walk around and explore was built in the 12th century and provides spectacular views of the park below. A tiger safari in Ranthambhore is unique within India for the combination of photographing tigers, driving under ancient battlements or past giant Banyan trees. Ranthambhore became a project tiger sanctuary in 1974 and despite a rollercoaster adolescence, it has grown in statue to become one of the best places in India to take a tiger tour.

The beautiful mountains which make up the Aravali and Vindhya chains intersect at Ranthambhore, producing spectacular eroded mountain faces and steep ravines, which make a tiger safari inside the park even more interesting; if a little bumpy! As well as the chance to see tigers in the main zones of 1-5, you can also visit the less crowded zones of 6-9, which have some amazing scenery and can also provide memorable wildlife encounters, with animals such as Leopard or Sloth Bear viewed. Wildlife Trails has been working on local community projects in Ranthambhore since 1999, so our clients are welcomed not just in the tiger sanctuary, but also the local villagers who are ultimately the ones who can protect this magnificent cat.

A tiger safari in Ranthambhore should not just be about ticking off this rare cat from your list, it should be a relaxed affair over several day, with the right wildlife focused company, and a quality guide who can show you all the varied faces of this park. From seeing a group of deer in the soft light of dawn, to observing a mongoose going in for the kill on a monitor or snake; each tiger tour into the park should be unique and show you why this magical place attracts so many international and famous visitors. When organizing a tiger tour in India, Ranthambhore needs to be at the top of the list.

The natural world film industry loves Ranthambhore and I am sure many of you will have seen documentaries about this park. It was because of such a film by Valmik Thapar and Fateh Singh Rathore, that the owner of Wildlife Trails, Allan Blanchard, first came to Ranthambhore back in 1997. At a time when it was not so easy to see tigers in the park, he saw a female tiger near Padam Lake on his very first tiger safari in India - it was love at first sight and he has been back over 20 times since that first encounter!

Although understandably the majority of people visiting Ranthambhore are focused on seeing tigers, the diversity of trees, insects, birds and mammals is incredible and during the winter months between November-February the resident bird population is swelled by exotic migrants.

Ranthambhore is the most accessible tiger park in India and can easily be accessed by road or train from cities such as Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. However if you want the best possible tiger tour in India, then book early and book with a company that has the best local contacts to ensure a spectacular wildlife experience. There will be no large canters for Wildlife Trails clients; just great low slung jeeps and excellent hand picked guides to ensure you maximize the enjoyment of your tiger safari in India.







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