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Like so many others this park was originally a hunting reserve, owned by the Panna family. The boundary of the 540 sq. km park is marked by the broad and rocky River Ken which flows through the Vindhya range in Madhya Pradesh towards the Ganges. Panna was granted National Park status in 1981 and is emerging as another of India's great success stories, after a somewhat chequered past.

A tiger safari in Panna National Park is once again a reality after a troubled past; where tiger numbers were artificially inflated and park officials were in denial about the extent of poaching inside the park. This park was not the only one in India hiding the truth about the dramatic loss of tigers in India's Jungles, but along with Sariska it was the most high profile and sadly like Sariska lost all its tigers. Wildlife Trails first visited Panna in 2002 during happier times, and while staying at the Ken River Lodge, Allan enjoyed a spectacular early morning tiger tour by elephant safari; from which he saw and photographed two tigers.

The Ministry of Environment and Forests sanctioned relocation of tigers into Panna from other parks in Madhya Pradesh in 2008. Over the last few years, several tigers have been taken from Pench and Kanha tiger sanctuaries and at least 2 females have successfully bred to kick start the new generation of tigers in Panna. The new hand picked Field Director, Mr Murthy,the man behind the successful relocations was regonised with an award by WWF. Thanks to him and his dedicated teams efforts, it is again possible to enjoy a tiger safari in Panna National Park.

A tiger tour in Panna is not just about taking a jeep or elephant safari inside the core area. There are many more interesting trips that can be taken outside the park, with particular interest for avid bird watchers of clients looking to enjoy and photograph rural life in India. In addition, the famous erotic temples at Khajuraho are only 40 minutes away by car and there are daily flights to Delhi from this famous town. So a tiger safari combined with a visit to these famous temples is logistically easy to organize.

The beautiful Ken River forms one of the park boundaries and one of the great pleasures at Panna is to enjoy a boat safari on this unpolluted river. As well as a huge variety of resident and migratory birds, you can see the spectacular fish eating Gharial, for which there is also a nearby breeding sanctuary which can be visited. There is no doubt that a tiger tour in Panna will allow you to see and photograph a diversity of wildlife that is not possible in all of India's sanctuaries.

A morning tiger safari in Panna starts with that early morning cup of tea or coffee as your eyes and mind slowly wake up to the sounds and smells of the India Jungle - so evocative. If you are here in winter, take a thick fleece, as the cold is real and unexpected and often low mist can obscure the first moments of your jeep safari. However as the sun burns off the low cloud and the animals awaken, all your senses will be primed as you enjoy your first tiger tour in Panna.

There are now several different accommodation options available outside of the park, from the incredibly high end like Pashan Garth, to the more simple, but our personal favourite Ken River Lodge. Wildlife Trails have been organizing tiger safaris since 1999 and have access to the best accommodation and guides for all our clients. So let Wildlife Trails organize a tailor-made tiger safari in India for you.







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